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About Us:  Info on us  We are no longer breeding dogs at this time. We have Miss Claris whom we bred for standard goldendoodles.  She will whelp with REDBARNDOODLES.com
 In the lower right picture is: Gem- golden retriever.  On the top is Blair - English Golden Retriever, Simon - Mini poodle stud and Misty is running in the water - Misty is Blair's daughter an English Golden Retriever.  They LOVE to swim and just be in the water.!!!!  All of our dogs get lots of exercise. Swimming makes their abdominal muscles strong, thus easier to deliver puppies.

We handle our puppies from the day they are born.  They are exposed to all kinds of people, cats and other dogs.  We have a farm so they are around loud equipment when we mow or cut wood.  They are handled by many children even ones with special needs.  Many of our dogs are in families with special needs people.  If you need a service or therapy dog we will work with you to get the right pup for the job.  While we try to get you the color or sex you want, our priority is that the personality of the pup match the new environment. Puppy picking is done at 5.5 to 6 weeks of age.  Since I spend so much time with our puppies I know who they are and where they will be happy.  I will tell you which ones are available for each family to pick from.  If you want a store type experience, where you pick your puppy from a picture, Logan Hill Farm is not for you.  I have been doing this for a lot of years with great success.  If you or I am not comfortable with the pick I will refund your money.  We need what is best for the puppy and the family. 

Our puppies learn to go outside to potty.  We have flap doors on all of our whelping pens.  When they come to your home you will have to watch for signs of need by the puppy and show them where you want them to go.  Most will understand quickly as they already know to go out somewhere for relief.  Of course crate training helps greatly with teaching them to hold it.  I recommend the plastic crates, they are much safer than the wire crates.  They also feel more like a den.  When you put a baby to bed you put them in a crib, you do the same with a puppy by putting them in a crate.  They learn to love it.  Our dogs go into their crates with the doors open. 

All of our puppies are checked and vaccinated by our Vet at six weeks old.   You will be provided a Vet Record with shot and worming history. 

You will receive registration papers.  Our Goldendoodles are registered CKC - Continental Kennel Club.  All puppies will have a Family history provided. 

We guarantee a healthy puppy when he or she leaves our farm.  Our parents are healthy, calm & intelligent and we expect their off spring to be the same.   The time we spend handling and being with our puppies makes them more socialized.  You can find the guarantee on this web-site and it is available upon request.  It must be executed at the time of pick up.  Genetically inherited defects are covered for 2 years.  You must micro chip your puppy and report the micro chip information to us to make the guarantee valid. 

Once puppies are born, I will contact those people on the waiting list first.  They will have an opportunity to decide if they still wish to have one of our pups.  The deposit is accepted then.  The deposit is half the purchase price with all refundable accept possibly $50.00.  I know life can happen, things can change and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to get a puppy when lifes' circumstances have changed.  The $50 allows me to advertise if needed.  Once you send a deposit to us, we will send, via e-mail, a receipt and pictures as they grow.  After a few weeks I will advertise the litters if needed.  Traditionally they go very quickly.  We have been doing a sona-gram at 4 weeks of pregnancy - to confirm pregnancy.  I have been accepting a few deposits at that time.  This will guarantee a puppy to you.  The rest of the deposits will be accepted after the pups are born and we see what we have.

Shipping is also available.  We provide the crate, travel certificate, health certificate, water, food, transportation to the airport, fill out all the necessary forms required, registration and purchase the airfare.  We have a $250.00 shipping fee and the airfare is in addition to this - it is usually around $200.00.  We are almost 2 hours from Cleveland or Pittsburgh Airports and 1++ hour from Akron/Canton.  We feed and water the puppy here, then run them at the airport so they are sleeping for their journey.  We also make sure they have water and relieve themselves before the flight.  I really prefer it be a direct flight.  We will work together as to what day I can ship and which flights your little traveler will be on.  We have had no problems in the past.  

Pricing: I like to reserve final price setting for a week after a litter is born.  I like to see what we have first.
Our past pricing has been:

Standard Goldendoodles: $1,250 to $1,800
Mini-Goldendoodles: $2,000 to $2,500
The English Goldendoodle mix are at the higher end of the pricing.
Deposit is Half the final price and will be accepted after the puppies are born and a price is established.

We are not a puppy mill.  We only have a few litters a year and are a small boutique kennel.  Our adult dogs get first rate care, and exercise.  Many people have asked how we can give up these precious puppies?  We get to keep the parents!  They are loved and are our family.  I believe well cared for parents make quality offspring.  Please do not disrespect the amount of time & effort spent in producing quality puppies by asking me to reduce my price.  Believe me, no one would be able to afford one of our puppies if I charged by the hour.  I want them to go to good homes and families.  The pups that have that special therapy/service quality; we try to direct to a situation where they can work.  Each puppy comes with a full family tree, registration papers, vet certificate, shot records, bill of sale, comfort cloth (cloth rubbed on mom and litter mates), chew toy and a puppy leash.

More pictures and References can be sent upon request.


  As always, we will continue to pursue our mission of breeding the perfect family pet.  Thank you for your interest in our Kennel. 
The Logan Family.
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